Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Teacher - The Peaceful Warrior

An year back I choose to become a teacher.. to teach the Art of Living Courses. My vision at that time was to share the knowledge which I gained and transformed my life, wanted to spread peace and smile. I never forced myself to become a teacher it was a happening.. If I got this knowledge earlier. If ma parents got this vision of life earlier my life would have been much better than it was then.. So I wanted to be a instrument through which I may help others live a better life, life filled with love peace and joy.. Today, now when I teach not only it transforms others life it transforms my life too.. The joy of sharing/teaching the highest knowledge which transforms the peoples life and makes them smile, laugh, enjoy and make them strong from inside. That joy and being a witness of that joy makes me speechless.. I don't have words to express what it is, how it is.. But it is..!! As My Gurudev says I'm a "Peaceful Warrior" now.. Just grateful and gratitude towards my Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji and the God.