Saturday, 12 November 2011

Im riding to the west

Im riding to the west..
Im riding to the west..
Im riding to the west in ma horse..
Im riding to the west wearing ma shining armour..

Im riding through the woods..
Im riding faster than the birds above me..
Im riding tearing the silence of the woods..

Im riding to the west through..
The dark of the dense forest..
The fear of the animals doesnt stopped me..
I lost ma sight yet..
Im riding to the west..

Im riding to the west..
The smell of the flowers remind me of her..
The red tulips remind me of her lustous lips..
The soft grass that moves by the air along the way resemble the long hair that moves when you walk..
The sun that sets in between those mountains on the west looks like..
The bindhi in between the eyebrows..

Im riding to the west..
I wanna be on ma love's arms.. I wanna forget the world falling on her arms..
I wanna smell the hair that falls on ma chest..
I wanna look her eyes n forget ma life..
I wanna kiss her and be there and feel the bliss..
I wanna become one with her like the waves in ocean..

Im riding to the west..
Im riding to the west to be with her..
Im tearing the wind that makes me smell her fragnance;
than the fragnance of the flowers,
than the smell of the leaves,
than the smell of the air carrying the essene of the forest..

Im riding to the west..
Im riding to the west in ma shining armour..
Im tearing the rays of the sun..
The sun is moving away flling down.. moving away with the fear ma love may stop him..
Im moving to the west to stop the sun..
To stop the time..

I wanna be with her..
I wanna stop the world when Im with her..
Im riding to the west..
Im moving towards the setting sun with shining Armour..
To stop the Sun when I meet her on the bay..
Im riding to the west..
Im riding to the west..

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Coffee,chocolates,sleep,business,cooking,scrabble,bored and broke-up

I met her in a Coffe date..
Coffe tasted better with her..
To impress her more, ordered a dark chocalate dessert.. :D

Life got spiced up..
mobile bills went up..
We spent nites on facebook chat without ny sleep..

I thot men are born to do business..
she made me discover a sleeping chef..
a sleeping Chef inside a sleeples stud..

Who is nw busy cooking dishes..
to enter the throne of her heart thru..
her flabless fablous tummy.. ;-)

Ma sundays was bored with scrabble newspapers and cleaning broke-up bottles of saturday mess..
nw i wait for the sunday morng to shine..
So I can see her eyes shinning brighter than the sun..
n ma make life brighter than ever before..
to hold her hands when i get tired..
n feel her warmness around ma shoulder when i vroom on ma bike..

life is better with a coffe chocalte and you... ♥ ♥

PS:- there was a question yday in people of powai group in facebook to write a word in ur mind 8 of the members answered; words are "coffee,chocolates,sleep,business,cooking,scrabble,bored and broke-up" and today there was a contest to make a story/poem/statement/verse/haiku/whatever from those 8 words this poem/whatever ws submitted by me

PPS:- Ma answer for ydays question was Sleep n I slept 12 hours yesterday