Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Image processing tool from Adobe -hydra

I have did my final year project in Image processing the really confusing situation was to decide which language and tool to use..... nd nw adobe came with Hydra... If its from Adobe nobody will take a second chance of strugling with C....

The Adobe Image Foundation (AIF) Toolkit preview release includes a high-performance graphics programming language that Adobe is developing for image processing, codenamed Hydra, and an application to create, compile and preview Hydra filters and effects. The toolkit contains a specification for the Hydra language, several sample filters, and sample images provided by AIF team members. The AIF technology delivers a common image and video processing infrastructure which provides automatic runtime optimization on heterogeneous hardware. It currently ships in After Effects CS3 and will be used in other Adobe products in the future. The next release of Flash Player, codenamed Astro, will leverage Hydra to enable developers to create custom filters, effects and blend modes

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