Thursday, 3 November 2011

Coffee,chocolates,sleep,business,cooking,scrabble,bored and broke-up

I met her in a Coffe date..
Coffe tasted better with her..
To impress her more, ordered a dark chocalate dessert.. :D

Life got spiced up..
mobile bills went up..
We spent nites on facebook chat without ny sleep..

I thot men are born to do business..
she made me discover a sleeping chef..
a sleeping Chef inside a sleeples stud..

Who is nw busy cooking dishes..
to enter the throne of her heart thru..
her flabless fablous tummy.. ;-)

Ma sundays was bored with scrabble newspapers and cleaning broke-up bottles of saturday mess..
nw i wait for the sunday morng to shine..
So I can see her eyes shinning brighter than the sun..
n ma make life brighter than ever before..
to hold her hands when i get tired..
n feel her warmness around ma shoulder when i vroom on ma bike..

life is better with a coffe chocalte and you... ♥ ♥

PS:- there was a question yday in people of powai group in facebook to write a word in ur mind 8 of the members answered; words are "coffee,chocolates,sleep,business,cooking,scrabble,bored and broke-up" and today there was a contest to make a story/poem/statement/verse/haiku/whatever from those 8 words this poem/whatever ws submitted by me

PPS:- Ma answer for ydays question was Sleep n I slept 12 hours yesterday

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